This is my story

My name is Plinio Brito and since 2013, I created an organization called North Valley Baseball League. It was to launch an enhanced recreational baseball program to provide development to children in the Las Vegas Valley that wish to enhance their skills both on and off of the baseball field.

Like many new ventures, the organization did not take off the way it should have; with much competition with Little League, other baseball programs and most importantly, not being known of our organization; we were hitting dead ends and brick walls.

I took an opportunity to have discussions with many persons that were well-versed in the baseball field and after coaching high school baseball; it became known that they were many children being left out of academic endeavors and not advancing from post high school academics.

I then took a different strategy, after discussing it very deeply with my wife and family and gaining their approval; I then began conducting inquiries on colleges with college recruiters throughout the country. I came in touch with a college recruiter from a Junior college in Miami Florida, whom had great ideas; since then, the journey began. Now; we embark student athletes who never had an opportunity to even consider going to college by placing them into academic collegiate programs and generating a baseball program to go with it.

We have become a College Prep Development Program, not to be mistaken with a club ball or traveling club ball organization. We are not looking to be ranked #1 or the top 100 baseball teams in the country; those are not our goals, our goal is to make sure that every student athlete finds a home in college and ascertains a college education and be given the privilege to participate in the baseball program.

Any and all student athletes that participate in our baseball program will not be left unattended from reaching their goals as to gaining a college education.

North Valley Baseball

North Valley baseball is an organization that is beginning to change lives in the way that the student athlete deserves to be treated, from a middle school level to graduating high school.

We hope you can consider becoming part of our family

Best regards

Coach Brito