What We Do

North Valley Baseball has become a dedicated Program to student athletes, with the old cliché; “no student athlete gets left behind”.

In today’s troubling times in our nation, North Valley Baseball has become a Parental figure, a guide and role model to help our student athletes see past all the negativity that surrounds them and help them empower themselves in becoming sophisticated student athletes with integrity, to help them teach others what they have learned to those in need.

Our organization has developed into giving back to the community and society. We ascertain funds from companies throughout the valley and we help feed the homeless including the pets; throughout the Las Vegas Valley. It’s not just our student athletes that we wish to help, we also gather their parents and involve them in all extracurricular activities; not just to support the student athletes, but to also participate with them in the giving back contributions of life. Many parents work and cannot attend many of their ball games; we take these opportunities to have the whole family participate with us and sharing sentimental values.

North Valley Baseball

Many student athletes have been struggling throughout the last few years and not advancing after graduating from high school and not having a place to go. When I saw student athletes that had talent on and off the field, after graduating high school, they go off to college and they last one semester. I ask them “why are you not in college” they have said “I’ve been cut from the baseball team; my career is over”. They actually never had a career to begin with, they were never pushed into the venture of life and they were never taught how to fail.

North Valley Baseball has a simple message to any student athlete that wishes to be a part of our family. We will not abandon you, we will learn to fail together and we will learn to rise together, we will help you go post High School and help you gain a career with Dedication, Honor and Integrity.

Coach Brito